Leavitt Street Lawn Games was created by a sister and brother team over the summer of 2020. Together we designed, constructed, hand-painted and delivered cornhole sets for local customers. With great communication skills and high quality products our summer filled up with orders. By the end of the summer we were able to donate 300+ dollars of our profits to organizations fighting for the black community.


Millennials living in city environments are the driving force behind the surging plant market.

An article from Business Insider argues millennials living in cities are desperate for greenery in their apartments due to the lack of vegetation in a city. Millennials' love for plants is also attributed to plants' health and wellness properties, as Sanford Health has deemed millennials the "wellness generation." In the same article, it points out how millennials are pushing back milestones in their life, preferring the smaller responsibility of a plant over other larger responsibilities like marriage and children.