We are living in an uncertain time, split between the memories of a simpler past and a future that is more uncertain than ever. We have changed almost every aspect of our lives, how we interact, communicate, work, spend our free time, and so on. Throughout the pandemic, we have made a lot of sacrifices, uprooted our daily routine and scrambled to find a new normal. With these challenging times, however, a new way of life was found that would have otherwise gone undiscovered. People are now equally excited to return to an office space full of energy, collaboration and life as they are to continue their productivity within the comfort of their own home.


Office spaces are taking on a new purpose, focusing on making in-person time collaborative and more social while still maintaining a safe and sanitary environment. To help achieve this, materials such as microfibers and Formica are highly recommended due to their durable surfaces that can withstand long term use of cleaning products. Companies are also looking to create a safe environment with more open floor plans decorated with minimal touch surfaces. A desk

designed to have a portable tabletop that allows employees to bring their own work surface to meeting rooms will reduce the amount of contact between shared surfaces. Included in the desk is Formica’s Intentek Wireless Charging Surface, which further eliminates touch points that charging cables bring.


For the employees who choose to continue working from home, a more permanent workstation is needed. Storing all of your office belongings in one place shouldn’t be a problem with a desk equipped with a large tabletop and multiple deep-set drawers. The portable tabletop also allows the employees who work from home to move around the house, giving them a change of scenery throughout the day. The pop of blue on the interior of the drawers adds some fun to their work environment.


Design Process Start to Finish

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